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Q. How many pellets will I need to heat my house?
A. There is no magic number for this answer. What we can tell you is an average 1,800 square foot home requires between two and three tons of pellets for an entire heating season. Houses vary in amounts of insulation, sun exposure and wind exposure, so individual households will have individual needs.
Q. How did Robbins come to choose these particular brands of pellet stoves to sell?
A. SAFETY! Having been in the pellet stove and fuel business since 1991, we've had an opportunity to evaluate many types of pellet stoves. One of the most basic and important factors we've found is the pellet feed system. All of the stoves available from us are what are called "gravity fed" stoves. This means that the pellets are transported from the bottom of the hopper, up a worm gear and dropped into the burn pot from a chute. If the power fails the flame from the burn pot would have to travel up a chute, then burn down an auger. "Bottom feeders" feed the pellets with two augers, one slightly above the other, pushing the pellets into the side of the burn chamber. During a power outage the augers stop moving and the pellets remain in the augers. The fire in the burn pot can easily burn back along the augers and into the hopper, causing a massive fire.
Q. Do we deliver stoves?
A. Yes, our delivery people will deliver your stove and actually place the stove in the location you'll be running the stove. The delivery fee is $150. If you choose to order pellets, they will be delivered at the same time as your stove for a $20.00 per pallet delivery charge.
Q. Does Robbins offer installation of pellet stoves?
A. Absolutely. Currently our installation fee is $800 and does not include the cost of materials such as pipe. If your stove will be vented through an existing chimney, our installer will inspect and clean your chimney prior to installation. Our installers adhere to the National Fireplace Institute's standards for pellet stove installations, and are licensed Construction Supervisors. Following installation someone from the store will visit your home and go through the proper running of your stove with you.
Q. How do pellet stoves work?
A. Pellet stoves burn pellets much like a forge burns coal. The stove automatically turns an auger which feeds pellets into the burn pot. The exhaust blower pulls air into the burn chamber with great speed, causing the pellets to burn very efficiently, then pushes the exhaust out of the exhaust pipe. A heat exchange blower moves room air through tubes traveling inside the burn chamber then out into your room. No smoke enters the room. When you require more heat, turning up the stove will increase the amount of pellets fed into the chamber.
Q. Who handles the warranty work?
A. We do. It happens, athough rarely, a stove may need some work. We diagnose, and repair, stoves purchased here and covered under our manufacturer's warranty.
Q. What if my stove needs parts or service years down the road?
A. We not only can help diagnose your stove's problem, but chances are we have any parts you need or can order them. Since our sales staff is knowledgeable regarding pellet stove operation and installation, don't be surprised if the same person who sells you your stove can also help you maintain it years down the road. Robbins maintains a rather large inventory of parts for brands of stoves we sell or have sold in the past.
Q. How much electricity will a pellet stove use?
A. On average, a pellet stove will cost just ten dollars ($10.00) a month to run.
Q. Does installing a pellet stove require a building permit?
A. YES. It is the responsibility of the home owner to apply for a building permit. The pellet stove must also be inspected by the building inspector to be sure that the installation meets local fire code. Also, a copy of this is usually required for your homeowners insurance.